It all started at a very young age when my aunt introduced me to cooking and one of my very first experiences preparing and making an actual dish. The year was 1987 and my life at the time revolved around ThunderCats, riding my bike and video games. Never had I thought this culinary experience would change my life forever.

It was a bright and early spring morning in the south side of Chicago and my Aunt Flor was visiting from Colorado. She was in the kitchen with my paternal grandmother making a generous breakfast for my family which consisted of an omelet of bell peppers, cheese, vienna sausages and a side of rice. Growing up in a Filipino family we pretty much had rice with all of our meals unless we went Kid Cuisine tv dinners when my mom was too lazy to cook.

I was probably running around the house when my aunt called me over to settle me down. She had asked if I had ever helped mom and dad in the kitchen and I said sometimes but never a meal. She had asked if I would like to help her prepare breakfast for the family and I obliged. I learned how to scramble eggs, use a knife and cutting board (with guidance) to dice bell peppers and slice vienna sausages. From there we moved on to the stove to make an omelet.

Cooking disappeared in between the years but always found its way back in my life. After high school I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the culinary arts. My first year of college was dedicated to achieving that goal but it was quickly abolished when our culinary arts instructor offered several students access as well as an opportunity to work full time at a 4 star restaurant in one of San Diego’s premier upscale restaurant row avenidas. As a brand new student to the culinary arts, it was just too rough of an experience for me going to school full time and working full time. I resigned my position at the restaurant and sadly changed my major.

Fast forward 10 years later I quickly embraced cooking once again cooking regular meals for my family. I had the basics down, now it was time to continually apply those basics to create advanced dishes and techniques. I’m still learning and I eventually still would like to make a career for my love of food. Someday I will. Hopefully this blog drives me as I share my food of love creations for you all!


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    • A huge influence? No, but they certainly did spark the flame. I can probably credit my big influence on my dad who I had admired cooking those family recipes for others to try. Just something about the way he makes it I can’t ever pinpoint to recreate even though I have all the ingredients on hand to replicate. My conclusion is technique. Something as simple as boiling water and throwing that in another pot vs adding cold water to another pot.

      • Gotcha! It was definitely mom that sparked it and my Lola that kept the flame alive. I get what your saying. I can have all the ingredients my mom or Lola uses but never can quite duplicate their food. It gets me frustrated sometimes. I think when my mom cooks stuff I love I am going to watch her a bit more carefully. Your probably right about technique, too. I’m working on eggs & soup. Top Chef judges ALWAYS say if you can cook an egg to perfection and make a great, simple soup, you got your technique down.

        • For sure and ask questions! Ask your mom why she does things a certain way or put the ingredients in the order that she does. Is it better another way or just the way they were taught too or have they always made it in that particular order?

          I think it’s cool to grab family recipes. I’d rather inherit that then be lost without it forever. There’s nothing like a childhood dish growing up that you can attempt to make yourself and hopefully pass on to your kids when it’s all said and done.

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