Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna w/ a Watermelon Basil Slaw

Summertime is over and the weather is changing. Time to start bundling up and to start eating more stick to your rib meals right? Not! Well, maybe in another episode but today, here is a light, healthy and refreshing dish you can make at home in less than 30 minutes.

This is a sesame crusted ahi tuna with a watermelon & basil slaw. Ahi tuna is best fresh. I couldn’t really find it at the regular grocery store so I went to a specialty Japanese market. They charge an arm and a leg a pound ($24.99) but a 1/2 pound is about all you’re going to need for this meal. If you can get fresh fish and produce, by all means go for it. Your body and mind will thank you later. Let’s start with the ingredients.

You can start by making the soy sauce. We’re going to be using a thicker consistency soy sauce so the best way to do this is with a little corn starch and water. Heat the soy sauce in a sauce pan and wait for it to bubble. Once that’s going, add your corn starch and water until the soy sauce starts to thicken. If it ends up becoming too thick, don’t panic. Add a little more water until you have a loose (not too loose) consistency. You want it to start looking like teriyaki sauce.

Now we can slice up some watermelon. Tiny cubes look good.

Now to chiffonade some basil. You may be thinking to yourself basil and watermelon go together? The two are an awesome pair!

Use a separate bowl to place the watermelon. Add some black cracked pepper, sea salt and the basil.

With the ahi tuna you’re going to want to ask your butcher to slice up a 1/2 pound of ahi tuna lengthwise. When you slice it up as the finished project, it’s going to look like sushi rolls. On a separate plate, mix both white and dark sesame seeds. I have both colors because the contrast between the two with the red of the fish looks great. You’re going to want to completely cover the entire fish with sesame seeds. Add some oil to a hot pan and add the fish searing all 4 sides no more than 45 secs each side.

When you take it out of the pan, place it on a cutting board and let rest for 2 mins and slice on the bias to get that fanned out look. Make sure you have a sharp knife! I had to sharpen mine after I messed up on some cuts.

Next grab a pretty plate and the soy sauce you made earlier, place it in a squeeze bottle and make some cool lines.

Mix the watermelon slaw up with your hands lightly and add it on top of the soy sauce.

Last but not least, line the ahi tuna on top of the watermelon and you’re all set to enjoy a wonderful meal in less than 30 minutes. Impress your friends and make this dish tonight! They’ll swear this was made in a restaurant!

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna w/ a Watermelon Basil Slaw


● 6 oz fresh Ahi tuna
● 1/4 top of a ripe watermelon
● 5-6 leaves basil chiffonade
● 1/2 c soy sauce
● 1 tsp corn starch
● Fresh cracked pepper
● Sea salt
● Black sesame seeds
● White sesame seeds


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