Bravo’s Top Chef The Tour – Brentwood, CA

So piggy backing on the Napa Valley visit we did a couple weeks ago, Karen and 2 of our friends, Alma and Albert, decided to hit up Bravo’s Top Chef The Tour in Brentwood, CA. It is a 16 city tour in which Brentwood ended up being the 10th stop. I stumbled upon the announcement a few weeks back and since Top Chef is one of my favorite shows, why not give it a shot and head out. Especially since it was only an hour away and a free event.

I wasn’t able to grab pre-sale tickets during the announcement online quick enough but that was okay because I had emailed the host of the event and she said to just show up for a chance to catch the demo. We decided to head out early because it was going to be nearly 100 degrees outside. Show times were 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm and 3pm. We caught the 10:30am show and good thing we got there early because we were able to put our names at the top of the wait list. We were fortunate enough to sit front row and two chefs from the show that were showcasing were Angelo Sosa and Casey Thompson.

The host of the show basically explained that the two chefs were going to go head to head on a quickfire challenge (just like the show) and incorporate 1 main ingredient for their dish. Before they were introduced though, the host had asked if 3 lucky participants from the audience would like to be guest judges. I quickly raised my hand (actually I raised both) and Karen, Alma and Albert were all pointing in my direction so I was chosen first to come up. Such a surreal experience as the host had told us that we were able to taste and judge the food at the end of the demo. Audience members were also able to sample dishes that were showcased in the quickfire.

Here are two snippets of videos I took while up on the judges table. One explains Casey’s plan to open her new restaurant in Napa Valley in 2013 called Carnivora. I think I covered up part of the mic on the video. Sorry about that.

The other video Angelo answers why he loves Asian food so much.

Both chefs were given 15 minutes for the quickfire challenge. The main ingredient was pork loin. Angelo made a chorizo seared pork loin with fried egg puree and Korean apple chutney while Casey played off a street fair corndog wrapped in shoestring potatoes in 2 types of sauces. A sriracha base sauce and a mayonnaise aioli. I was in total awe but the winner for this challenge was Angelo.

I leave this blog with the rest of the pictures taken at the event. Games, activities and autograph session. Such a fun and rewarding experience and a great addition to my food blog. Enjoy!


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